You will be sent your bill by Infomedics

At AB Tandarts we want to focus on giving you the best possible attention and care. Which is why when it comes to sending out bills and collecting payments we work with Infomedics This means you will receive your bill for your visit to the dentist from Infomedics and that you should pay Infomedics.

Infomedics checks whether your health insurer will be paying (a portion of) your dental costs. If this is the case it will be stated clearly on your bill and you will only pay the remainder of the amount to Infomedics. If this is not the case, but you think it should be, or if you have any questions about the amount your health insurer has agreed to pay, please contact your health insurer.

Digital or paper bills

You can receive your bills either digitally or on paper. Infomedics sends bills on paper via the post and digital bills via the e-mail. You can tell us which you would prefer. If you do not tell us a preference your bills will be sent digitally.

Digital bills from Infomedics

Infomedics will send your digital bills to the e-mail address you have told us, so please ensure we always have your current e-mail address. We also need your mobile telephone number so Infomedics can send you an SMS code. This code will enable you to download and pay your bill. In this way Infomedics ensures your personal details remain well protected.

Paper bills from Infomedics

If you would prefer to receive your bills via the post please tell us. Your paper bills will be sent to the address you have given us. You will recognise your bill from the pink envelope.

Paying your bill

All the necessary payment information will be stated on your bill. You can pay the bill directly via iDEAL. To do this click on the payment button on your digital bill or use your mobile telephone to scan the QR-code on your paper bill.

Organise it on-line!

Infomedics’ standard payment period is 30 days. Do you need more time to pay? Go to and you can very easily organise many aspects related to your bill for yourself. For example, you can (free of charge) ask for the payment period to be extended, or submit a request for payment in instalments. If you are anticipating a high bill and this is not a good moment to deal with it, check out the options on

Do you have questions about your bill?

On Infomedics answers the questions that are often asked. If the answer to your question is not included call Infomedics’ Service Desk on +31 (0)36-203 19 00 or go to

What is done with your information?

As your bill includes (medical) information about you it is important that Infomedics treats the information they receive from you and us very carefully. Infomedics does everything possible to ensure the maximum protection of your data and towards this end complies with all the relevant legislation and regulations related to protection of privacy. If you would like more information about this read Infomedics’ privacy statement. van Infomedics.

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